Dave McElroy vividly remembers how the gravelly baritone of Louis Armstrong
ignited his passion for music. Louis Armstrong is not your typical country
music inspiration. But the boundaries of genre never concerned Dave. He is
not your typical artist.

Dave draws inspiration from everything and everyone. But his appreciation for
variety does not change the fact that Dave is country to his core. Starting at the
age of ten, he rose at dawn to work with his father selling and repairing farming
equipment. During those days, the 8-track deck in his dad’s truck introduced
him to the honest storytelling of Kenny Rogers, the spiritual emotion of Dolly
Parton, and the haunting sadness of Hank Williams. Dave discovered that a
great song could draw you in, stir every emotion, and leave you almost

Those 8-track lessons inspired Dave’s pilgrimage to Nashville, country music’s
holy city, to pay homage to the legends that captivated his ten year old mind.
Like all before him, Dave was awestruck and humbled. And amidst Nashville’s
magic, Dave recorded his debut single “Tangled Up” in the internationally
renowned Blackbird Studio. Dave teamed up with Ronnie “Lil’ Ronnie” Jackson,
a member of the writing and production team responsible for Scott McCreery’s
certified platinum hit “I Love you this Big,” to co-write and produce his vision.
Then he enlisted the help of a number of phenomenal musicians, including Seth
Rausch, Keith Urban’s drummer, and Brent Radar, as band director, to bring the
song to life.

“Tangled Up” is a familiar tale of love’s longing. But “Tangled Up” avoids the
familiar sadness of yearning. Instead, “Tangled Up” feels like sunny days and
long summer nights. Dave’s raspy twang is complimented by a playful fusion
of instrumentation that is undeniably country. The gritty serenade is engaging.
Dave’s music fuses the best elements of all of his musical influences. But he
never loses the hallmark of every great country song- a great story. Dave is
having fun and he wants his audience to have fun.

In his music and in life, Dave’s positivity is infectious. His readiness to laugh
leaves a lasting impression. Dave is happy because he knows he is blessed. His
faith is central to everything that he does. He does not take anything for
granted. And his voice shows the world he is grateful.

Livin life one laugh at a time!